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A new product experience

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How do you convince your customer from your product? The decision often takes place at the point of sale.

Would your

customers buy

this product?

Probably not

The first glance decides

  • If the packaging is bad, the product is bad

  • The Packaging has to protect the product

  • The Packaging represents the whole brand


let us show you

how to improve


Ensure quality

  • No open or damaged packages

  • Nicely closed bags

  • Less rejects of finished products

Welding Seam

  • Surely closed welding seam

  • No burnt seams

  • Energy reduced sealing

Bag tightness and shape

  • Better looking bag on the shelf

  • Better bag stability

  • Cost reduction in logistics

Trend analysis

  • Changes in packaging quality get visible

  • Packaging Quality can be observed long term

  • Effects of changes to the product become visible

Exact Change Over

  • High Quality packaging from batch to batch

  • No reject. The first package is nice

  • No readjustments after format changeover

Thinking Forward

What is the Future of Packaging?

What are the customer
requirements to it?

Improved Handling
Digital Information

your customers would buy this

Find out at INDEX 2021 how to
Inspire your Customers with Perfect Packaging!

Today consumers have high demands for the packaging of hygiene products. They should be unique, high quality, individual and sustainable.

At INDEX 2021, you can find out how to further optimize your packaging solutions. Under the motto "Packaging at its finest", we will show you our new technical solutions for optimized packaging processes.

We will also be presenting our Smart Services, which make your packaging processes even more efficient and support your operating personnel.

We look forward to seeing you there!

19 - 22 October 2021
Hall 2, Booth 2581

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